libraries in our area are mutating and evolving to survive. you can now rent tools (screwdrivers, small power tools), check out ebooks, get out movies, and use the internet. Soon our local library will be getting their liquor license so that they can have month movie nights where we watch some public domain film,…

others didn't really care for Trent Reznor's new band (with his wife) How to Destroy Angels, but to me it just sounds like NIN with a chick, which actually works pretty well. Also this song has a pretty interesting video, so there's that.

Ugh, sorry i screwed up the first part. THIS is clearlake's "it's all too much". This song just begs to be used in a film as a baddass killer or angry housewife or someone storms away in slow motion as their house, car or something blows up in the background (the explosion is about the 2:50 mark).